Retail Data Infrastructure
Get full control over
retail data

A single integration that can be used by all enterprise and external systems
Avoid multiple expensive integrations
Integration, standardisation and use of data to meet marketing, analytical and operational objectives
Increase your sales maintaining real time data in all systems
Retail Data Infrastructure is a platform for data management in retail
Retail Data Infrastructure for IT
Centralised data exchange between retail systems. Collect and exchange data in real time through a single middleware. Keep data up to date in all systems
Remove complex and expensive integrations between various systems. Centralised system allows access to good retail data
Get connected to other marketing and communications systems without creating additional integrations
Retail Data Infrastructure for marketing
Streaming conversion events to Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, AdWorlds
Routing data to external CRM and communication systems
Communication triggers for email and mobile marketing
Comprehensive analytics of all marketing campaigns and customer actions
Retail Data Infrastructure for sales
Support current data for products, prices and product inventory at the warehouse
Create best customer experience on all channels using current data
Do not lose sales due to the data being out of date
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NeuCurrent during the quarantine period
25% increase in conversion after implementation of personalised recommendations
Sales for 21 out 48 product categories are stable or continue to grow
New types of recommendations for product trends during the quarantine are implemented
Client data is the main business asset